Dyck, Jordan. “The Findings of the LGBT African Asylum Seeker Research Project.” London: Metropolitan Community Church of North London, September 2019.

  • Category: Reports
  • Source: NGOs
  • Subject: Belonging,Asylum/Refugee,Discrimination,Documentation status,Gay,Gender Identity,Homophobia,Homosexuality,Lesbian,LGBTI,Religion,Sexual Orientation,Violence
  • Place: Cameroon,Ghana,Kenya,Nigeria,Uganda,Zambia
  • Year: 2019
  • File: LGBT-African-Asylum-Seeker-Research-Project-Report.pdf
This report results from a story that began in 2012, at a small church in Camden Town, North London, which will be told immediately below. The document presents the findings of 33 interviews that took place, in 2018 and early 2019, at that church. These conversations were with LGBT African asylum seekers, and concerned the issues they face in their applications for asylum in the UK. There is also a particular angle on how faith interacts with these issues, though the study is by no means limited to issues of faith. Before releasing the findings in the form of this report, a launch event was held on 17 May 2019, in the building where most of the interviews had taken place. It was attended by 47 people, which included many asylum seekers, as well as representatives of various charities (both faith-based and secular) who work with LGBT+ asylum seekers. In what follows you will find a full summary of what was said in those interviews, touching on everything that was mentioned more than just once or twice, with a full description of the methodology employed, and some recommendations that proceed from the findings. There is also information about the participants and the volunteers who helped. It is hoped that this research will be useful to any organisations seeking to support and help LGBT African asylum seekers, as well as to policymakers and researchers.