Magardie, Sheldon. 2003. ‘“Is the Applicant Really Gay?” Legal Responses to Asylum Claims Based on Persecution Because of Sexual Orientation’. Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity, No. 55: 81–87.

  • Category: Literature
  • Source: Academic
  • Subject: Asylum/Refugee,Gay
  • Place: South Africa
  • Year: 2021
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Developments in refugee law and asylum policy have in recent years shown a discernible shift towards acceptance and recognition of claims in which sexual orientation or identity is the reason for persecution. The prevalent view held by refugee advocates, scholars of refugee law and a number of gay and lesbian advocacy groups, contends that persons who are persecuted on account of sexual identity clearly comprise a'particular social group' who may be granted refugee status, and that the recognition of such asylum claims is no longer  a controversial issue in refugee law