Ponce, Aaron. “Shoring Up Judicial Awareness: LGBT Refugees and the Recognition of Social Categories.” New England Journal of International and Comparative Law 18 (2012): 185.

This paper argues that asylum laws and jurisprudence affecting LGBT refugees in the United Kingdom reflect that country's recognition of certain sociological categories involved in LGBT cases that corresponding U.S. cases have not considered. We/I predict that the advancement of laws favorable to LGBT individuals has and will continue to progress at a greater rate in the U.K. than analogous laws in the U.S. because of a more comprehensive aware- ness of the sociological complexities inherent in LGBT issues. As LGBT individuals have gained an increasingly visible presence worldwide, the LGBT movement has gradually become an international one. The globalization of the LGBT movement has corresponded with the mobility of LGBT individuals, specifically in instances where they flee persecution in their less progressive home countries to seek refuge in countries with more progressive and tolerant societies. Asylum laws play a key role in determining the likelihood of whether such LGBT individuals will be able to legally reside in the country of refuge. The nature of asylum law is, therefore, of the utmost importance to LGBT refugees.