Refugee Appeal No. 76484, No. 76484, New Zealand: Refugee Status Appeals Authority, 19 May 2010

[2] The appellant arrived in New Zealand on 9 October 2009. He lodged his claim for refugee status with the RSB on 11 October 2009. He was interviewed by a refugee status officer on 17 November 2009. By decision dated 28 January 2010 the RSB declined the appellant’s claim. The appellant duly appealed to this Authority.
[3] The appellant claims to have a well-founded fear of being persecuted in South Africa on account of his sexual orientation and ethnicity. He fears persecution at the hands of members of the Lajpal Group and from the general populace. The central issues in this appeal are whether the account of the appellant is credible and whether he faces a risk of serious harm in South Africa