Refugees, United Nations High Commissioner For. RRT Case No. 1207970, [2012] RRTA 757, Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal, 3 September 2012.

  • Category: Case Law
  • Source: National Authorities
  • Subject: Asylum/Refugee,Documentation status,Homophobia,Homosexuality,Law/Legistation,UNHCR,Violence
  • Place: Sudan
  • Year: 2012
  • File: cases,AUS_RRT,507d49ae2.html
This is an application for review of a decision made by a delegate of the Minister for Immigration to refuse to grant the applicant a Protection (Class XA) visa under s.65 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). The applicant, who claims to be a citizen of Sudan, applied to the Department of Immigration for the visa on [date deleted under s.431(2) of the Migration Act 1958 as this information may identify the applicant] April 2012. The delegate refused to grant the visa [in] May 2012, and the applicant applied to the Tribunal for review of that decision.