Wimark, Thomas. “Housing Policy With Violent Outcomes – The Domestication of Queer Asylum Seekers in a Heteronormative Society.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 0, No. 0 (April 28, 2020): 1–20.

  • Category: Literature
  • Source: Academic
  • Subject: Belonging,Asylum/Refugee,Discrimination,Gay,Gender Identity,Homophobia,LGBTI,Refugee Camp,Sexual Orientation,Transgender,Transphobia,Violence
  • Place: Africa
  • Year: 2020
  • File: 1369183X.2020.1756760
Housing policies for refugees are a hot topic in many countries receiving refugees. However, most discussions tend to treat refugees monolithically despite the fact that they have diverse experiences. Individuals seeking asylum on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity face numerous obstacles during the asylum process. This article aims to explore how asylum accommodations are governed and how this process affects queer asylum seekers. Based on a range of sources, including interviews, documents and media articles, the results show that many queer asylum seekers have been victims of homo- and transphobic violence. The findings also indicate that the Swedish migration agency has implemented temporary solutions to mitigate such violence but refused to change the overall policy. In the analysis, I maintain that there are three underlying assumptions in the system, namely, the primacy of heteronormativity, the metropolitan nature of queers, and the need to adjust but not challenge heteronormativity. I argue that this process renders queer asylum seekers unfit and leaves them in unsafe housing situations to domesticise them in the context of a heteronormative society, i.e. a society in which they do not stand out or claim further rights.