Media Toolkit

ALMN will soon be releasing a media toolkit designed to assist journalists reporting on LGBTQI+ migration. The toolkit is being developed collaboratively with organisations that serve African LGBTQI+ migrant communities. This will ensure it meets the needs and expectation of those working on the frontlines, while also supporting ongoing advocacy efforts.

At ALMN, we believe it is critical that research produces tangible outcomes for those communities with which we work. The toolkit is one such outcome. Many LGBTQI+ migrants, especially those who have been forcibly displaced, are by necessity content producers, in that they have to bring their stories to light in order to access assistance and protection. We envisage the toolkit as means through which to educate media practitioners on how to engage with and support LGBTQI+ migrant populations, especially here on the African continent. The toolkit will cover a range of topics, including human rights practices, legal frameworks, inclusive language, key terms and concepts, and protecting vulnerable people.

The final product will be available as a free download on this website, as well as being distributed through our partner networks. It will initially be published in English, but will be translated into Swahili and French as resources become available.

The kanga on this page represents queer history and resistance in Algeria. 
The quote, submitted by Carlisle Cryptonite, translates to ‘We are the piper and love is our tune. I belt it from my rainbow all for you.’