The Growing-a-Glossary Project

The ALMN glossary is an evolving project that harnesses the collective knowledge of researchers, educators, activists, service providers and community members.

At ALMN, we recognise that language is ever changing; words take on new meanings, imports, usages and impacts as they travel along different routes and roots. Thus we believe that glossaries should be living documents. The ALMN glossary will draw on the expertise of a wide range of partners, ensuring that entries align with needs of various stakeholders.

The glossary serves as a tool for promoting language that is inclusive and useful to those working with LGBTQI+ migrants. It is itself a form of research, in that it captures and interrogates how terms are being used, resisted and repurposed.

You can access our evolving glossary here. Please feel free to add a term or edit a definition, and to use the resource as part of your own work’

Grow- a- glossary
‘We both perceive intimacy differently, I think’
– Original artwork by Talia Ramkilawan

The kanga on this page represents queer history and resistance in Tanzania. 
The quote, submitted by Alex Waweru, translates to ‘Yes, I’ll live if you love me. And, of course, I’ll still survive.’